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The Much Anticipated Wow Signal 2020 Collection IS NOW HERE!

Scent Profile 2020: Osmanthus, Tobacco, Labdanum, Bourbon, Agarwood, and Benzoin Resin.

This my friends, for those of you who don't know, is a Phoenix Shaving classic! Ever since we discontinued The Wow Signal some years back, the steady write in campaign began! This could not be ignored any longer, something had to be done! That something was Fran & I revisiting this fragrance, which is always nice to do.

Our Original Scent was mainly Osmanthus; a heady, out of this world floral. It was lightly grounded with just a kiss of benzoin, labdanum and copaiba balsam. I loved it but going back and looking at it again we felt like it just wasn't finished, or rather, not done evolving. So with that in mind we decided to build up the foundation more, something to tether this magical, Space Balloon of a scent to, really fatten it up.

Enter Tobacco, Oud, Bourbon, Benzoin and a little more Labdanum

Yup, that was just what the doctor ordered. Often in life when you add, you must also take away, and that too is what we did. Copaiba Balsam was replaced with Oud. It was a tough call but in the end I think it was the better, rounder choice. Then came the Bourbon. Why Bourbon you may ask...because pappy is currently stuck in the house and it just made sense. In short, sometimes bourbon just makes sense. Smile

Kidding aside, I really love what the bourbon does to the shape of this fragrance, especially in combination with the woody notes.
If you enjoyed the previous rendition, I believe you will really appreciate The Wow Signal 2020. I truly think you too will agree this tweak was much needed. If this accord was just a signal before, we've now added some definite substance to it!

The Wow Signal 2020 Collection: Ck-6 Artisan Shave Soap, Aftershave/Cologne, Star Jelly Aftershave, Eau De Parfum, Solid Cologne, Shampoo, Body Soap, Vent Scent (car air freshener), Beard Balm and Beard Oil/Preshave Oil!

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