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Seattle, WA
To avoid cabin fever, my wife and I went out for a drive on this beautiful day.  We went around Alki Beach, which although not as crowded as usual, still had some singletons, couples, and a few small groups, strolling and sitting on the sand.  Here's an image looking north toward the Seattle skyline.
[Image: fxyAYSl.jpg]

And here is one looking west at the snow-capped Olympic Mountains.
[Image: oPLqKWu.jpg]

Despite the recent changes, it's still beautiful, and we feel blessed to live here.

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Well, here in the rugged territory east of the Rockies it’s still winter. A neighbor who is a professional photographer was down in Waterton at the beginning of the week and snapped this shot of moonrise over the lake. Life is beautiful 

[Image: hW3hpQV.jpg]

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After I'd been working at home for a week they sent someone to check on me...

[Image: IMG_20200318_161719_HDR-01.jpg]

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