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Meet The Starcraft, our latest homage to an almost ghost of a classic, The 5-341 Mohawk! It's true folks, there is VERY little info on the history of the Mohawk Brush Co, out of Canada... aside from the mention of a few products, trademark dates and buy outs! No ads, commercials, stories, the faces behind such a beatific wonder...no substance.

So, in an effort to hopefully put the pieces together and fill in some blanks, I chose to reboot yet another classic. My goal is to create some awareness around Mohawk and hopefully get people to come forward with some real history!

Of course I made a few tweaks as always. In this case I added a splash of color to the historically all Ivory handle. Beefed up the handle and I also decided to introduce my latest 24mm hybrid knot, The Roswell (Grey) Synth!

If you are a fan of the Green Ray and The Atomic Rocket, you will LOVE The Starcraft! By design, it is the combo of both with slightly more backbone than The Green Ray.

The Starcraft has been in the works for sometime now and I am so very excited to be able to finally talk about this one. We have put all our years of brush experience into this baby and believe we have created something truly special w/ The Starcraft.

Sleek, Sexy and oh so Space Age! Great weight, great feel and Out Of This World performance. Truly the latest cream of the crop when it comes to synth fiber technology. In short, you are going to freak!


“If I asked for a cup of coffee, someone would search for the double meaning” – Mae West

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