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I'm a great fan of interwar bakelite DEs - they tend to be very aggressive, very smooth and of course very very light.
And one of the best is the Double Six made by Souplex in Morecombe UK during the 1930's.[Image: 20150801_085410.jpg] A great feature of the Double Six is the differential aggression of the head: one side is much more aggressive than the other, making a simple alternative to an adjustable.
Large blade exposure on one side for an aggressive but very smooth shave. I use this for the WTG and XTG passes.
Smaller blade exposure on the other side for a milder shave which I use for ATG and in irritation trouble spots.
This combination works brilliantly and gives an extremely comfortable shave.[Image: 20150801_085355.jpg]
Although it has a large blade gap, the Double Six does not have much blade feel unlike a lot of these interwar bakelites, but it is very efficient.[Image: 20150801_085509.jpg]
And the differential aggression, which I'd never fully exploited before, has turned out to be a very useful feature.[Image: 20150801_085439.jpg]
I find myself thinking "Why don't I always use this razor?"
Ha ha - I think that about my R41, ER 1924 and Bengall too Smile

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That's an interesting concept.

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I have a 40's Neillite Bakelite DE that has the same design and characteristics. One side has double the blade exposure than the other. Four lather channels on one side and eight channels on the other. This one is U.S.A made.

[Image: OJmqt23.jpg]

[Image: 04BywLF.jpg]

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