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How about an ongoing thread for us Single Edge and Injector razor users. A place where we can hang out and talk about this awesome class of razors. I get some of my best shaves with either injectors or SE razors.
Here is a list of my current modest collection

Gem Feather Weight (my latest)
Gem Pushbutton
Gem Clog Pruf
Auto Strop VC1 (my current favorite)

Schick Type E3
Canadian Schick Type E4
Schick I Type
The Bunny V3 (only mine for a short while during a pass-around)

My SE collection is very modest compared to what I'm sure some of your have. But I really enjoy them. They are a lot of fun and have a great history. I'm still in the process of learning about them, and only know very little. I hope some more experienced users will join in here and have a good time with other SE users and fans.

I'll post some pictures tomorrow sometime when there is better lighting. It is rainy today so window light is limited.

I hope to see you guys and have good conversation with you all!

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Count me in! All I've been using for the past 5-6 months have been my vintage GEMs and one injector. They have been the best shaves of my life and I think it's all due to the magical GEM SS PTFE coated blades. I really want to thank DblDe for sending me those 3 PTFEs to try those months ago. It significantly changed my shaving experience for the better. They are by far the best blades for my skin and beard type. The injector blades aren't too shabby either. I have not dipped my toes in the Feather AC waters (yet) so I've never used a Mongoose, etc. I'm just really loving the GEMs right now. So far I have (in order of acquisition):

-GEM Push-button Featherweight
-GEM Micromatic Bullet Tip (or Flying Wing, whichever you prefer)
-Schick Type L injector
-GEM 1912 Damaskeene
-GEM Micromatic Open Comb
-Ever Ready 1924 Shovel Head (haven't even used yet)

Thanks for starting this thread whiteboy_cannon. I know there are at least a few more SE enthusiasts here that would like to join the conversation.

What razors reside in your collection, Mickey Oberman and which is your favorite?

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- Jeff
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Welcome wyze0ne thanks for joining. I agree about the PTFE Gem blades. They are very smooth and sharp and provide great shaves. What blade do you use in your infector?

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The Bunny's Maiden Voyage in Southern Colorado
[Image: d42c67c727c8066caf9670bb97df42e2.jpg]
[Image: 71c9386ab8c9eaf51a41c028d20fe88a.jpg]
Razor: The Bunny V3
Blade: Chick (1)
Lather: Stirling Barbershop
Brush: Vie Long Horse Hair
Well this shave was very close. 2 XTG passes then an ATG pass. No cleanup was needed whatsoever and I'm as smooth as can be. I found that I need to choke up more on this razor compared to my other injectors or razors in general. This may have caused me to use a bit more pressure than I should have and it resulted in a fair amount of irritation on the neck and chin. I have a scar on my chin and despite the slickest I have ever had Stirling to get, I still nicked it pretty good. I think for my next attempt I'll skip ATG and just really work on the angle and light pressure. I was just going through my usual shave routine to see how I faired. May have to skip tomorrow's shave to let the neck settle. Stay tuned

I don't necessarily intend for this thread to be an SE/injector sotd of the day because there is already a SOTD thread but everyone likes pictures and it is always nice to see how people's shaves go. But we will see where this goes.

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(07-02-2016, 02:28 PM)whiteboy_cannon Wrote: Welcome wyze0ne thanks for joining. I agree about the PTFE Gem blades. They are very smooth and sharp and provide great shaves. What blade do you use in your infector?

So far I have only tried the store bought Chicks (Schick branded, made in China). They work great but are kinda pricey. I think they were like $5.99 + tax for only 7 blades. I did pick up a magazine of the Personnas with my last order of GEM blades from Connaught, so I have those to try too.

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- Jeff
The personna injector blades are IMO not as smooth as the chicks. The chicks give great shaves though. I really want to try twin blades in my I Type soon

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Central Maine
Sure, I'll join in.

I absolutely love SE razors. Over 90% of my shaves are done with them.

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(07-02-2016, 04:01 PM)ShadowsDad Wrote: Sure, I'll join in.

I absolutely love SE razors. Over 90% of my shaves are done with them.
Awesome! Which razors do you use?

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Philadelphia, PA
where's SharpSpine?

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Hi Fellow SE'ers, count me in I've been shaving exclusively with single edge razors for the last four months. I first started with a Mongoose and I enjoyed the shave so much that I started to acquire other single edges. Such as the Gem Jr, Damaskeene, EverReady 14,24, Valet VC1and VC3, Ever Ready lather catcher which I think was made around 1907, and a few Wedge blade razors like the Rolls Razor and Wilkinson Empire and Pall Mall.

I must say my favorite to shave with as of this moment is the Damaskeene. I get very close and comfortable shaves with it loaded with a PTFE. A close second would be my Rolls Razor

So yes count me in.  

Oh, one of my favorite acquisitions. It is a French wedge blade razor. Very mild, Superb shave

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