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So once again a couple of Cobra razors went up on Classic Shaving's site.  Since they sold out in a couple minutes I once again assume only a couple were made.  The problem with this model in my mind is two fold.  First you get a lot of pissed off customers.  People who still want to buy these razors who just can never seem to make it to their site during the 90 seconds they are available.

The second issue is far more problematic in my view.  There are currently two (does that number sound familiar?) brand new in box Cobra Classic razors up for sale on eBay, one with a entry bid of $350 and a buy it now of $450 and the other with just a buy it now of $400.  Since these razors are never available, I think people believe them to be some sort of holy grail, which they simply are not.  The "hinge" locking mechanism just looks downright bad and the groves in the handle are no longer clean and smooth due to the number of times the mold has been used.  

Sadly, the same thing has been happening on eBay with the King Cobra.  I recently saw one sell for over $500, and there is currently one listed for $375 if memory serves.  People are making money ripping people off simply because of the idiotic availability / way they sell these razors at Classic Shaving.  It has been this way for FIVE years.  The model used is obviously by choice as there is no other way to explain their selling them one or two at a time.  

I am thrilled to see ATT joining Mongoose as alternatives to the Cobra.  Classic Shaving needs to get their asses kicked here.  The biggest shame of it all is, Classic Shaving were the first to come out with a Feather AC style SE razor and they have never really gotten their act together in a way to properly deal with the market forces.

Sorry for the mini rant here, but I was looking for something else on eBay and I just happened to notice once again three different highly over priced new in box Cobra SE razors for sale.

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Hi wingdo I completely agree with you on this - while I've not tried to get one of these razors I have seen similar things happening in other market segments. Collectible basketball shoes for example, retro jordans and so forth. So the Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry was just named league MVP for the second consecutive season last week by unanimous vote (first time in NBA history) and I get an email from Under Armour announcing a special release back to back two pack of signature basketball shoes. I immediately clicked on the link and ta da - they're already sold out. I haven't bothered to look on ebay but thats where they're going. Another example that irritates me. Concert tickets. I think the artists and ticket master are in collusion here. Tickets go on sale for example at $250 for a prime ticket. They sell out within seconds but you can buy the same ticket online at stub hub or some place like it for $2,500. (example only but not far off for some artists like Garth Brooks) theres lots of howling and hand wringing and artist says he loves his fans blah blah blah. But you tell me? If you're the artist selling your tickets for $250 each and then see scalpers selling them for $2,500. wouldn't you want some of that $$ for yourself? So I figure they're colluding with ticket master to scalp their own tickets and make out like bandits.

Maybe Classic is doing the same thing - they "sell" ridiculously limited numbers of their razors at a fair price but buy them all up themselves and flip them on ebay at ridiculously inflated prices. They can even justify this to themselves because they made the razors and people are willing to pay the money so why shouldn't they get the big money instead of scalpers? They maintain their rep and they get the money. Win Win.

Sorry for adding to your rant but you hit a nerve.

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Funny thing is I had a glitch with their checkout setup and ended up paying for a Classic twice.

We straightened it out the next day over the phone and I got a refund for the accidental purchase right away.

Bought the King Cobra too since I don't know when I'd be in the right place at the right time for one again.

I know the aggravation as it happens with all sorts of things. Not just shaving stuff.

Never crossed my mind to buy an extra one to flip. It is unfortunate that some times it happens. Especially when it's so blatant like within a week of the sale.

The fact that they haven't scaled up to satisfy demand might be more complex than simply deliberate false scarcity. Seems counterintuitive considering the Mongoose has been out a while and is now for all intents and purposes readily available. With at least three other SE razors coming soon as well, demand for the Cobras may drop. I suspect that if Classic could keep up with demand they would. Probably aggravating for them too.

Like James at Wolfman and Peter at Wolf Whiskers have said, there's no system that will please everyone and be completely fair when demand exceeds supply.

Classic has had years to improve and for whatever reason have not. Their competitors are going to happily pick up some of that demand. The people who absolutely have to have one will either wait or pay a premium on eBay.
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bakerbarber I think its a stretch to try to explain with logic and sound reasoning what can be more enjoyably attributed to conspiracy!! Smile

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I actually saw the post here about the razor being available and out of curiosity I clicked the link and it was available!!! but I don't care for SE razors, maybe the Rocnel...maybe... but since they rather first serve the vendors instead of their customers that preordered the razor I lost interest in the Rocnel also....

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I know I'll be going against the chorus of harumphs on this topic but I have no problem with people selling their razors for whatever price someone is willing to pay.

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I can't imagine that Classic Shaving doesn't want to sell as many as possible.

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)
I have no interest in any razors or handles that are nearly impossible to acquire. Luckily I enjoy my AS-D2 so much that I haven't been interested in finding another razor. I know I'll get the urge sooner or later; I just hope when I do there will be many more options available.

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Just over two years ago I was able to purchase a Classic and a year later purchased a King. All was going well enjoying these two great razors, then I stumbled across a thread extolling the virtues of a Wolfman......

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As much as I agree with the OP, I find the thread interesting. I brought that up several months ago, about how people were abusing the BST by asking ridiculous prices that were not in the best interest of the community.

I was told by the leadership in this site to pretty much mind my own and pound sand. Well, there you have it! Can't have it both ways folks!

Now feel free to ban me if you wish!

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