Arizona, USA
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[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Check Out Our Latest Brush Model, The Peregrino![/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,][Image: GX01kh2.jpg][/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]"I LOVE your synthetic brushes. I have far too many brushes in my collection including some expensive ones from the UK (Simpson primarily) but I only use your synthetics. The performance and price are so good, I don't see the point in spending $$$ for badger brushes anymore." ~ Mark Crabb, Customer[/font]
[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Ahh The Peregrino, the 5th installment of our EPIC, Retro Brush shave line, a pilgrimage in itself that we began so many years back, now bears more fruit in this homage to the classic, vintage Ever-Ready 500E![/font]
[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Classic, Retro Style at A Classic, Retro Price![/font]
[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving[/font]
[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Learn More Here: http://shor.by/Jjyu[/font]
“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan

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