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We've received some inquiries about the massive PODIUM Razor Stand included with the new DOPPELMONSTER set. This PODIUM was only created to be a part of this particular exclusive set and we really don't have any immediate plans to produce them in our regular PODIUM collection, but never say never, right? The MONSTER-PODIUM stands 4.25" in height which is about double the size of a normal PODIUM Stand and is approx 2.25" around at it's widest point. The hole was also drilled 1" deeper than usual. The larger than life MONSTER-PODIUM really is a gorgeous beast and at this time, is only available with as part of this particular DOPPELGANGER Set. Thanks to all those inquiring minds who reached out to us about this! [Image: 1f642.png]
Its said that everyone has a DOPPELGANGER out there somewhere. Now is the chance for you to find yours in the form of a gorgeous matching hand-crafted safety razor and PODIUM razor stand set. Our DOPPELGANGER sets are hand-turned using beautiful and durable Alumilite resin and both pieces are finished to perfection. We are pairing a handful of our exclusive safety razor styles with a matching PODIUM razor stand to complete a DOPPELGANGER set. These very limited production and special edition DOPPELGANGERS are guaranteed to be the ultimate stand outs in your shave den and are truly functional and collectible one-of-a-kind works of art. You've definitely met your match!
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