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This post is mainly for beginners and experienced folks with sensitive skin, who have still have trouble with proper technique and quality products.

I've come to realize the magic of pure lanolin. There are plenty of scientific studies showing that it heals cuts more quickly and is really good for your skin, though I haven't heard much discussion of it. I've come across plenty of studies comparing something new to lanolin. The results have been that it is as good as lanolin. I haven't come across a study showing anything better than lanolin. It seems to be the gold standard.

A couple of weeks ago I was shaving with a Spanish Point Straight razor and day dreaming while shaving, which is not a wise move.

I gouged myself with the point. I was getting ready for a meeting and couldn't get it to stop bleeding, well past the help of styptic. I though I was going to have a let my meeting folks know I would be late, but finally got it to stop.

I kept lanolin on it and two days later it was substantially healed. I have bumps on my lower neck that get aggravated very easily, even with good technique. A little lanolin keeps that angry beast calmed.

There is only one downside I have come across. The consistency is like petroleum jelly, only worse. A very thin coat won't show, unless you are in a very dusty environment. I would expect that it would caused ring around the collar with a dress shirt and tie, though it seems to come out of clothing fairly easily.

I really prefer showering and shaving in the evening, so I have no issue.

Anyone else used pure lanolin?

Yes, it works wonders for chapped lips too. Slather it on at night and wake up to soft, healed lips. I've never tried it as an aftershave treatment though.
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Where might a person get some good ole lanolin is I don't have any sheep, lol, but odtry it on my middle chin area. Is it pure or with other oils?

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You want the pure lanolin. This stuff is magic. I was using a Spanish Point Straight razor, failed to pay attention to the point and cut the heck out of myself. I was headed out to a meeting and thought I was going to have to reschedule because it wouldn't stop bleeding. I kept lanolin on it and almost all of the scab was gone two days later. It is also great whenever you have a bit of a rough shave.

The only caveat is that is has a consistency similar to Vaseline. I wouldn't put it on my neck when wearing a shirt with tie.

Not only does it help heal, there is nothing on the planet that I have found that moisturizes as well as lanolin. When saying this, I mean that I haven't been able to find any research that shows anything matching lanolin.

Here is where you can get it cheap:


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Oh thanks pete123
Pure Lanolin does work great on dry skin. Put a little bit on when i get dry skin on my face during cold weather months. You can get some from most Health Food Stores (Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Zerbos, etc.) And a bottle lasts practically forever it seems.
Nice. My skin doesn’t tolerate it so its omnipresence is more of a pain than anything else to me.

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(01-16-2019, 02:05 PM)lloydrm Wrote: Nice. My skin doesn’t tolerate it so its omnipresence is more of a pain than anything else to me.

Try cupuacu butter.

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Three things ...

  1. I notice that Now Foods also sells a liquid lanolin on Amazon.  The product page says "100% Pure Liquid Lanolin", and the ingredients list has one ingredient, "Lanolin Oil".   I wonder if this is different, better/worse than the viscous jar stuff?  It sounds like it might be easier to work with.
  2. Amazon sells cupuacu butter too.  I have not tried it, but I mention it because it came up in the posts by lloydrm and dominicr.
  3. I have had mixed results New-Skin Liquid Bandage.  You paint this stuff on with the supplied applicator, and it dries almost immediately and is hard to see.  When it works, it will stem the blood flow immediately - quicker than styptic - but it is useless if the blood flow is too rapid.  Unlike styptic, it does nothing so far as I know to disinfect, nor to my knowledge does it heal like lanolin.  Where it really shines IMO is for cuts in hard to bandage places, not just on the face, but also like paper cuts on fingertips.    

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(01-16-2019, 02:05 PM)lloydrm Wrote: Nice. My skin doesn’t tolerate it so its omnipresence is more of a pain than anything else to me.

Interesting. Will give it a try.

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