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Would anyone here have any interest in a long lost collaboration scent between Queen Charlotte Soaps and The HandleBar?

Several years ago, Matthew made a special custom scented batch of shave soap for my shop. I had lots of issues with my label designer at the time which delayed things, and then my father passed away which naturally altered things. Then I kept putting it off and ultimately forgot about it, all the while this perfectly great batch of soap was just sitting there waiting for me to do something. The scent is "Old Toby", which if you are a JRR Tolkien Fan, is a type of tobacco (Pipeweed) in Middle Earth. It's what I imagine it would smell like.
Those of you that have tried our Old Toby beard oil know the scent already.

So, would anyone out there like one last go with some Queen Charlotte Soap? I am considering packing it in smaller 20ml jars so there is enough to go around. That size should be good for around 10 shaves, perhaps more.
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Hmm, sounds interesting. I might be down to try it.

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- Jeff
Count me in.

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Count me in as well.

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Sounds great to me!

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