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I had one guy bidding against me on Ebay and he quit at $179.00.  I got it for $180.00.  A little patina but I don't think I will re-plate it.[Image: szyc5KS.jpg]  
[Image: r7BMFed.jpg]
[Image: p8Rysgd.jpg]

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Hi Donald, I don't think that was the last year they made the Aristocrat - I have one marked W 1 placing it in Q1 1951.  It was my dad's razor and now its mine and I am having it replated and repaired.  It was missing an end cap but was otherwise in decent shape with some of the lacquer worn off.  I've posted more pictures of it elsewhere on the site but here is the base showing the date and one of the razor.

[Image: 8zeSWnm.jpg]

[Image: 1huuOpr.jpg]


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Couple of nice looking razors for sure.

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I got one like these a couple of weeks ago. It is of the variety that is not stamped. I have been trying to figure out what year it is. Anyone have any ideas?
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