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This has to be the coolest brush I've seen yet, and it comes with a whaling harpoon tip!!


If you haven't tried some of The Holy Black's products you are missing out on something - Bay Whisky Lime / Sandalwood Smoke / Gunpowder Spice. Great performers great smells.  What more could you want?  Oh right, a whale tooth shaving brush with a harpoon tip (no whales were harmed in the making of the brush)
Not my thing, but I can see the novelty in it. Pure badger though, in that size, may be a bit rough.

Austin, TX
Very interesting and unique brush- I have not tried any of their stuff but you have me intrigued.

That looks badass, but I don't know if I could see myself using it. Especially at that price...
- Jeff

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Hi Bruce, I hear you but it is still a really cool item - I have a nephew that I'm sure would love it.  I think if you had the luxury of your very own man's bathroom and you were going with a nautical theme it would fit in nicely as an accent piece.  Notwithstanding that, the soaps and aftershaves/balms made by The Holy Black are really nice - gentle and soothing on the skin and some unique fragrances.  I tried one of their exfoliating body soaps this morning with black coffee in it and like it a lot.  Right now they are limiting  to the Gunpowder Spice fragrance which is nice but I really like their bay whisky lime and sandalwood smoke.  I think they're a fairly modest operation and their customer service is excellent.

Kevin, I think you'd like THB products.  They do make a glycerin based soap which I find excellent.  I know that some people are down on the glycerin.  Check out the comments to this LeisureGuy's Shave of the day post from a couple of weeks ago.  I quizzed him on the glycerin vs tallow issue and his response was interesting.  We digress further in but thats how things go....


I have a lot of respect for Michael and I think his views carry some weight with me and in the shaving community generally - obviously YMMV

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Austin, TX
Hey Mark, I agree in that I am experiential and empirical by nature. Like to consider other perspectives, viewpoints and optics but eventually rely on my own perception to form an opinion. Trust but verify so to speak.

I don't generalize re: tallow vs. vegan vs. glycerin etc. I have used all to good effect and have favorites amongst each. My only criteria is a decent lather for a decent shave!

Having said that, with glycerin soaps in particular, I have and still hoard some of Charles at QED original glycerin soaps all of which offer incredible shaves. I think that early on, before we had so many great Artisans to choose from, that glycerin soaps took a hit because some were selling melt and pour soaps that may or may not have produced good results.

Speaking of Charles and QED, I don't frequent Michael's blog that often and don't interact. I did send him a PM here though as I know a couple of his QED favorites are Special 218 and Mocha Java. If you check back in, ask him to head on over to check his mail!

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Kevin, I agree, I think YMMV really applies to the whole wet shaving world not just blades. Thats the beauty of the whole thing, its not competitive. People like what they like and assuming that they've actually tried the product before voicing an opinion thats just fine. I think its good actually because if everybody liked exactly the same stuff I liked, it would be hard as hell to get the stuff I like. I'm always a bit torn when I discover an awesome new item. Should I tell everybody how great it is and then have to deal with the possibility of it being sold out when I want it or should I shut up and hoard my treasure (my preciousss) so there will be plenty around when I need it but then what if the artisan goes out of business because I'm his only customer!! So I prefer to share my experiences in the hopes of helping the artisan grow their business and be successful. Thats what I'm doing with THB. I like their product and they provide great service. People should now that and give them a try and decide for themselves.

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