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Happy New Year, Everyone!

We're kicking-off the New Year with the BSSW Arley, the second in our Brush of the Month series, which we offer at a 10% discount through the end of the month.  Here are some examples...

[Image: QTJYYgF.jpg]
Arley/28 Super Badger Bulb, Briarwood & Ebony resins

[Image: SGvKN9D.jpg]
Arley/30, Select Badger, Eng. Butterscotch, Tortoiseshell

[Image: jeXqBSg.jpg]
Arley/28, Select Badger, Briarwood, Porcelain

[Image: LSeRJ2Y.jpg]
Arley/28, Super Badger, Porcelain, Am. Butterscotch
Wishing you a Happy, Safe, and Prosperous New Year!

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MD Eastern Shore
Here's another of the custom Arley's shipped so far this month:  Passionate Pink and Porcelain Arley/30 Select.  10% off through January 31.  Order yours here.

[Image: 9EZozIz.jpg]

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