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Anyone else like this?  Just got in their scent Reaper in the soap and, after only one use, I'm liking it!  Lathered easily for me with a Satin Tip(also new and love it!), face lathering which I don't usually do either.  It's, to me, a strong scent, but I like it the spice that is mixed in is much stronger than the citrus, but it's the cinnamon bark that REALLY does it for me.  I don't have anything else that has it in it and I really enjoyed it, and the after face feel is great as well.

I'll defiantly be looking to pick up some more of this brand in the future Big Grin

Side Note:  I love their logo lol
These soaps are made by Maria Arman, who also makes the Maggard soaps and her own brand, Through the Fire Finecraft. Good soap, but lacking a bit in post shave face feel for me. No problem if used with a post shave balm. Most people really like her soaps.

That explains a lot, since I love the Maggards Orange Menthol! lol But the Maggards is in a different style of soap than the Grim soaps, the Maggards is a soft soap, Grim, while soft, not as much as Maggards brand.

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