DFS 2018 LE Brush is now live. Read more here!!


Santa Clarita, CA
Blackbirds have landed! Looking forward to a New Years shave with a new razor!
[Image: Fir6sFN.jpg]
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Wonderful shaver, beautiful looking, be sure to use no pressure just the weight of the razor. My only complaint is I have the black version and I wished that it would have a little better glide on the face. It is a keeper and a must buy!

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Beautiful and congrats!

I ordered the one with the same handle length, but the brushed stainless version. Mine is enroute to Canada right now.
I've loved using the Blackbird for my reviews, but since it was on loan, it's time to send it back. I agree, though. It's a must-buy!

- The Clean Shaver
Be smooth, everyone!
- The Clean Shaver
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