Arizona, USA
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One more Week untill Big Shave West 2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUDqi7Nepmg
Hope to see you damn fine folks there!!!!

This was just going to be a simple event post…but I feel something bubbling up. Where to begin?
For those who attended this groundbreaking shave fest last year, YOU know…and will return this year. For those who couldn’t make it, now’s your chance! If for some reason you can’t pull it off, a documentary is being made too…we welcome armchair attendance & extend a virtual Hi-5!
Speaking of a documentary, we are looking for help telling the story. Unlike The Big Shave West Doc of last year, we want to show & tell a Longer, human story side of the event…and we need your help!
Shave Con, ShaveCon, Big Shave West Movie
We ask that all attending document the trip, event and return home. We would love to see parts of your drive or flight out; dashboard interviews, grabbing your luggage at the airport, thoughts about what to come, at the pump and raw anticipation in motion!
On the scene, we’d love for you to catch interviews with vendors, attendees; your experience! Lastly, your after thoughts; be them on route home, explaining it to your significant other once home…maybe even their take on the event or lead up to!
Capture all this with your cell phone, camera, GoPro or whatever else. Quality of capture goes a long way, but all will be reviewed and considered!
Another fun thing for some is using live, streaming forms/ Live Broadcasting of social media like Periscope, Blab, Twitter, Snap Chat, Youtube or VoiceByte to capture and post the event as it happens! (Remember #BigShaveWest) Check in the App Stores of your choice and take a minute to familiarize yourself with these…loads of fun!
Now For The Event Itself
Free Straight Razor Shaves! – Live Demos – Vintage Razor Tune Ups
Ever have a classic barbershop shave? Now’s your chance, Omar Romero, Master Barber at Vinnie’s Barbershop California will be on the scene leaving you Baby Butt Smooth!
Ever wonder how a brush is made? See Brush Craftsman Nathan Clark of Envy Shave, turn some handles live! Not only is Nathan great with a Lathe, he’s also great with Lather! That’s right, Nathan will also be giving some killer lather tutorials for trouble soaps!
Lastly, Razor Emporium will be on the scene demonstrating their sharpening services while offering FREE razor tune-ups! Bring one of your favorites to the event and they will bring it back to life!
Paid admissions and paid sponsorships also available …
$49 prepaid admission includes SWAGGAGE:
Event T-Shirt in your choice of sizes
Phoenix Artisan Event Limited Edition Shave Soap and Aftershave
Event Program with year ’round and ongoing discounts
Vendor and Sponsor supplied Free Samples
Raffle Tickets … Lunch and Drink Tickets … and much, much more !!!!!!
Almost forgot…CRAFT BEER!
Sponsors – Above the Tie, Edwin Jagger, Feather Razors, Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements, and St. James of London
Vendors (so far) – Above the Tie, Nathan Clark, Col. Conk, Da Vinci Brushes, Edwin Jagger, Feather Razors, Jeeves of Hudson St., Layrite Pomade, Local Gent Shaving, Los Angeles Shaving Soap Company, Mickey Lee Soapworks, Nate’s Straights, Obsessive Soap Perfectionist, Phoenix Artisan, Razor Emporium, Crown King, Razorock, So Sharp Limited, St. James of London, Tiki Bar Soap, WSP Wet Shaving Products, Zen Shave, Stray Whisker, Shaving Shop…and more!
3 Live – Interactive Wet Shaver’s Round Tables!
That’s right, for those familiar with our Wet Shaving “TV Show”, we are taking it on the road! Panelists Include (so far): Con Kazantzidis – Shave the Man, Douglas Smythe – PAA, Nathan Clark – Brush Envy, Matt Pisarcik – Razor Emporium, David Gonzalez – So Sharp Limited, Scott Ostermiller – The Clean Shaver, Ryan Steven Green – Moustache & Blade Podcast, Stan Hickam – Above The Tie, Luke Webster – Blades Grim, Gareth Everard – Rockwell Razors, Leonard Ybarra – The Desert Shaver.Round Table, And YOU! Discussions are full on audience participation events, your participation is the life blood of the discussions.
“Traditional Shaving in the 21st Century: Fad or Here to Stay”
“Converting The masses: approach and restraint”
“Old World habits in a Shave New World”
All RT discussion participants received a free gift coupon from Old Town Shaving !
Free Samples / Product Donations from (so far) – Captain’s Choice, iKon Razor, Mason Boutique Ltd., Ogallala Bay Rum, and Penhaligon’s. Many More Samples will be available all around the event!
Big Shave West PosterShave Con, Shavecon, Old Town Shavingshave-soap-2016event-brush

Check Out Some Of The Official Gear HERE! The Nathan Clark Custom Event Brush is Available Thru Preorder Only…Get It HERE!
Expect a most epic event! Thanks to all for the support and we really hope to see you there this April 23rd in Sunny Pasadena, California!

Read more: http://howtogrowamoustache.com/blast-off...z4678WuhkU

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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan
Fantastic event with a great retailer! Will also be buying lots of Intelligentsia while in town.

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Arizona, USA
great coffee, worth the long line!

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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan
(04-17-2016, 04:33 AM)CaD314 Wrote: great coffee, worth the long line!

Quite right Smile.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
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Cool video, it looks like a nice get together.

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