It's time to get your Bevel on. Check out the Bevel shaving system review.

Be smooth, everyone!
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Good review. The razor looks good quality and the brush looks at least decent.

$30 a month... I doubt many wet shavers would go for this because it's a ton more than we are paying now for a shave.

$10 soap, $10 aftershave, $10 worth of DE blades will probably give you 3-4 months of shaving. So you can shave for about $8-10 a month instead of $30 and get quality products (and variety). Basically, they are charged 3 times the price of using other quality products and you are stuck using the same thing over and over.

Just for fun I did a little calculation...

Let's say you pulled a 20 year old man aside and said... Don't use the bevel system and save $20 a month on shaving & Don't spend $5 a week on Starbucks coffee... Take that $40 per month and invest it in an S&P 500 index fund until you are 65 years old.  We can assume a 3% inflation rate.

How much would his account have at age 65 just by saving $20 a month on shaving and $20 a month on coffee? Keep in mind I'm assuming no tax, so a retirement account or in Canada we have something called a Tax free savings account.

If you guessed $375,000, you would be right Smile[Image: kzwZXOg.jpg]

I guess my point is... a dollar a day is a shitload of money.

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I agree. It's definitely more than I would be willing to pay on it. But I have a feeling it may get some people wet shaving, and learning that there's more to life than terrible shaves.

I REALLY wish they sold the razor outside of the package deal. It's a great shaver and it's a looker as well!
Be smooth, everyone!
- The Clean Shaver

Tulsa, OK
If you're interested, I've got one of the razors I would sell/trade. It is actually a pretty great razor. Long handle, surprisingly easy to grip, mild yet efficient.

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