I just wanted to give a quick shout out and review to this incredible new product I have found.

This all came about from my lovely girlfriend, when looking for some presents for my birthday came across this company called The Balm Boutique based in the UK. They sell body scrubs, lotion bars, healing creams, lip balms etc. Knowing I like all that stuff she brought me their chocolate package. All the items contained were fantastic but for this I am going to single out the body scrub.

The scrub is probably one of the most amazing I have ever used. They are all natural and leave my skin feeling incredible. For a scrub they are insanely moisturing and the artisan puts this down to their not so secret ingredient Manuka Honey.

The scents themselves are to die for and since my girlfriend brough me the package which contained a Mocha Coffee scrub I have brought Ginger & Lime and Citrus. What is really cool is you can actual see bits in the scrub that relate to the scent for example ground coffee, Ginger, Orange rind and lemon peel.

The artisan, Carmelina Hanson, also very quick sorted me out with a new lid and second jar of citrus after I reported that it was broken in transit.

If you get the chance I highly recommend for you to try this!

[Image: 5CDLa7x.jpg]
[Image: q58cP4n.jpg]
[Image: ifzD2vu.jpg]
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

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