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Arizona, USA

The Perfect Shave is Just A Twist Away!

BOOM!!!! The Ascension Twist-Adjustable Double Open Comb Safety Razor - CNC Machined | 7075 Aluminum

[Image: SLwujcF.jpg]

Meet the Twist - Adjustable Ascension Double Open Comb Razor! This my friends has been a long time in the works and rightly so, for we believe this to be one of the best damn razors now out there…if not the best. ( Zero Hyperbole )

The entire razor is CNC machined and constructed of 7075 Aluminum. 7075 aluminum has a few differences when compared to 6061 aluminum, it offers greater strength, durability, and all around hardness, if it's good enough for the aviation industry it's more than good enough for us. The tolerances on this bad boy are tighter than tight and prevent zero blade movement. Rest assured that the blade is locked and loaded!

In the past I have had a tendency to go real crazy and loud with anodize, this time around we decided to keep the anodize simple. The handle and top cap are clear anodize while the bottom cap is Storm Grey giving it a really clean, sleek, elegant, masculine and sophisticated look. [Not to mention it looks like a prop from a sci-fi film!]

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