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Our Blue & Light Bronze Aluminum 7075 Alpha Ecliptics are Back In Stock!

it's pretty safe to say, The Alpha Ecliptic is truly a one of a kind...at least in our Galaxy. Holding this baby feels something otherworldly; a vibration, a radio wave, a connection maybe? Is it a relic from the past or from the future? I'd say it's both...but i'm getting ahead of myself. 

Anyone who has been following PAA and knows of our secret universe will immediately see that out of all our razors to date this one is just sooooo us. To get woo woo with our words, we tend to vibrate at the same frequency as this one!

Weights, Measures & Materials

Build: 7075 CNC Machined Aluminum, Standard Blue Anodize

3.5" (89mm) Handle: 20 grams

Head: 43mm long, 25mm wide, 19grams weight

Handle 1/2" Diameter

Total Length: 103 mm

Learn More Here: shor.by/uy5A

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