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That’s a different I-405 from the one that semi-circles Seattle. Traffic doesn’t allow anyone to go over about 45 miles per hour...

P.S. Did the driver take that photo?
If skilled driver, no alcohol, open road, car designed for high speeds, etc. Also assuming your top speed and not constant speed.

Sweet !!
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i cant go into too much details because this is not legal. however i can say the car is convertible. top speed is 189 mph. the top was also down

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To attempt to drive at that speed on a public road (assuming that is where you hit this speed) is just wrong and I do not care how "empty" the road is or what time of the day or night it is, or what car you are driving.  If you want to do this then do it on a protected race track where no one but the driver is in jeopardy.  I have seen too many people on the road who think "it's all about me."  If you were, indeed, on a protected race track or your own (large enough) private land then I apologize.

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If this was on a public roadway, and I assume by your statement that this wasn't legal, And if you took the pic yourself, for shame! I get that males of the species need a challenge and I subscribe to the theory that without men's propensity to risk life and limb during unnecessary activities, they also would not willingly tackle a cougar who's attacking a child or charge the enemy in wartime. But on a public roadway, at 165mph, the telephone poles look like a picket fence. ANY miscue and someone else pays the price. Do me a solid and take it to the track. Desirable men also follow societal rules.

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Cool story bro
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Ridiculous. You should be ashamed of your stupidity rather than proudly posting your selfishness on a public forum expecting praise from the crowd. No praise from me; I just think you are an idiot. I am a fellow BMW driver, and while I love to let my turbo charged V8 run, I would never be so careless and thoughtless as you. What if your selfishness killed some innocent person?
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it was a relatively safe place not a phone pole in sight. i wasn't driving though i just took pictures, notice the 38.7 mph, that is my average speed.

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