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Arizona, USA
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It's Here People! Spread The Word!!!

Well folks, FINALLY we deliver on our promise to someday build a Stainless Steel DOC...and what a DOC it is, The Ascension! This my friends is one beast of a razor; great weight, great feel, great look, very sleek and beautifully buffed up taboot. So yeah, I, like you, am REALLY EXCITED to finally get this piece of awesome out there and into your hands!

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The Ascension Safety Razor Specifications:

Starting Blade Gap: 500 Microns - Complete Razor Approx. Wt. 98 grams/ 3.46 Oz - Handle Approx. Wt. 72 grams/ 2.54 Oz Handle Length: 3.5" - Complete Razor Length: 3.75" (95mm) CNC Machined

Material: 316L Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hand Polished - Includes Microfiber Polishing Cloth
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