I've been meaning to ask folk about this for a while but those of you who have the lemon variant or any other for that matter , do you smell a detergent type smell and find it is quite bubbly as well? It is also the only scent that has nipped my skin post shave. Just wondered if anyone else had a similar experience?
What's the actual difference between superhazel and regular?

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The list of ingredients in Lemon looks twice as long as the superhazel topped by alcohol. Superhazel starts with aloe vera. Maybe something in thats long list on the lemon is bothering you. Check the labels at Thayers website.
Thanks , I'll do a bit of detective work.
At first I thought Thayers was too expensive, so I got dollar store WH. I eventually found Thayers locally and picked up the Peach. Absolutely no contest, the Thayers wins hands down. It may cost more but the bottle seems to last forever, plus it has a squirt nozzle on the end to minimize waste. Super moisturizing stuff.... have been thinking about the Medicated one for the future (if I ever finish the Peach lol).

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I couldn't get the Thayers here at a price I liked so I found a brand called Dickenson's in WalMart for $8 for the regular and $11 fro the "super" - I like the both. I was eventually able to get Thayers at a fair price from Canadian Blade Company and then eventually found it in one of the local London Drugs - I consider Thayers and Dickinson's to be on par performance wise with the nod going to Dickinson's on price.

I have Humphrey's witch hazel that is lilac scented. They make other scents too similar to Thayer's, but not as expensive. Great stuff IMO. I would recommend checking it out if you can find it.

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