What would be the one to get? I'm wanting something with a 26-28mm knot silver tip. Thanks in advance for the help.
While I have never used Thater, I can attest to the quality of shavemac, which makes Savile Row. I just purchased a 26x58 2-Band fan, and it is AMAZING.

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I've heard similar opinions here and was looking at a SR, but now I'mm in the market for a shavemac.

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The neat thing with Shavemac is you get a wide choice of handles and can customize the loft.

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I would agree that Shavemac brushes are top notch. Having said that, I have a Thater 4125/2 that is also a great brush.

More "plush" with a higher loft than I typically prefer but a great change of pace.

If my first of the two, I would go Shavemac all the way though.

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