I saw a post elsewhere from Bullgoose referencing Thater going/being out of business. Hadn't seen that anywhere else but it would be a bummer if they did, that's another longstanding company in the shaving world.

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Yup they are closing up and BullGoose isn’t restocking when things sell out. Was eyeing a brush on their website and the last one sold and the item was taken down. Reached out to them about it and it looks like what you see is what they have left from them.

Chester County, PA
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They use Shavemac knots.  I would contact Rudy Vey and get a brush to my specifications.  He uses Shavemac and Mühle for synthetics, and he’s very good and very reasonable.
Shavemac produces the handles for Thater, but both source their badger hair independently. And from what I've read, Thater will still produce brushes, but you'll have to order with them directly as they have downsized production and ceased to supply retailers due to limited availability of badger hair on the market.
Glad I kept my 4 Thäter silvertip 2-band badgers.

I'll treasure them the best I can.

The problem with Thäters for me was always, that while they were extremely soft they also were a bit on the floppy side for my preferences.
Once I found their 2-band Silvertip badger hair knots, I found the perfect combination - velvety soft, but not floppy at all.

I own 2 bulb 2-band Silvertips in 28 mm and 30 mm and 2 fan 2-band Silvertip in 26 mm and 28 mm - they are among the best shaving brushes I have ever tried in my life.

Sad to see Thäter go - hope they'll continue making special orders, if the customer pre-pays for the brush.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark
I feel lucky now that I was able to add a 4125/6 35mm Faux Ivory Handle 2 Band Fan Thater to my collection before they were gone.

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