we all have that one fragrance we can never get enough of .....Heart what is yours ?

Mine has to be the Pall Mall barbers sandalwood and clove cologne.. check it out here : http://www.pallmallbarbers.com/shop/cologne-for-men/

i found this fragrance by accident i had booked in a wetshave with pall mall barbers (London) as i had herd they was amazing ... and basically i got introduced to this fragrance and since then i have not been able to get enough of it ..... everyone i have met loves this scent ... so thought i would share with you guys my one fragrance that i will always make sure that i have ....Cool

What is yours ?

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Terre d'Hermes

This was my first introduction to Eau d'Toilette use, just a few months ago. One of our illustrious moderators here at DFS sent me a sample, and I have loved it ever since. Ive tried several different fragrances now, and I still come back to Terre d'Hermes as my favorite...

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

good choice BadDad i have also always loved Terre d'Hermes considering its been around for a while now its still not as common as some of the other fragrances ... but i suppose a unique fragrance is always best Wink

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I'm a fragrance collector so I have a few, but if I had to pick one I'd certainly go for my favorite, Creed's Aventus.

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Sounds good to me NeoXerxes i can't say i have tried it ... but that reminds me of another fav ... givenchy xerus rogue ... hard to get these days but i love the smell !

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Wow, Liam, I don't think I have one favorite.  Like Chris, Terre d' Hermes is right up there, as are Guerlain Vetiver, Annick Goutal Eau du Sud, Christian Dior Eau Sauvage, Floris No. 89, and Tiffany for Men among others.  However, if I absolutely had to pick one then it just might be Roger & Gallet L'Homme EdT.  I have been using it since it first came out around 1982 and still find myself returning to it.

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So far addicted to Barrister_N_Mann LGC.

I'm on the hunt for a similar scent profile. So far I've gotten the last of TF's Italian Cypress that I can find @ retail without going online.

Got a Chanel Pour Monsieur EDT on the way as well.... Had to scour the interwebs for that one.... Shout out to Will for disclosing his inspiration.

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Freddy you got very similar taste to me Smile i like i like haha !!!!

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Eau Sauvage Parfum. Bergamot, myrrh resin, and vetiver. Not too much in common with the famed original version. The Parfum is much richer. A few sprays lasts 10+ hours on me which is pretty impressive. Honorable mention goes to L'Occitane Ambre Santal. If I had to get rid of all my frags except two these would be the ones I'd keep.

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If you are talking about fragrances from any source I have three. Lilacs and mock orange blossoms and a field of clover on a hot summer day.

If you mean shaving products mine would have to be The Blades Grim "Smolder".
Aqua Velva "Musk" would be a close second.


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