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Sacré Bleu Has Returned NEW & IMPROVED! ( You are probably wonder how that is even possible.) A Phoenix Shaving Classic Homage to Vintage Aqua Velva!

BOOOOOOOOM! Sacré Bleu is Back Shave Cadets & Both BETTER & BLUER Than Ever! Seriously, not only did we re-tweak the scent but also the color! That's right folks, we are SUPER EXCITED to drop our latest reformulation of one of our all-time classic reboots, Sacré Bleu! If you thought our past rendition was close to the Original Aqua Velva, our latest is SPOT ON!

[Image: QbVCYgc.jpeg]

Check Out The New Scent Profile:  Top: Citrus, Mint, Spice Middle: Floral, Violet, Woody Bottom: Musk, Sweet, Tonka. THIS IS THAT CLASSIC, MASCULINE, MASTERPIECE OF YORE! 
Limited Edition Sacré Bleu Collection: CK6 Artisan Shave Soap, Aftershave/Cologne, Star Jelly (Mentholated & Menthol Free),  Deodorant, Solid Cologne, EDP, Body Soap, Shampoo, Vent Scents, and so on! 

First 50 Bundles Include Limited Edition, Collectible Holographic Label!

That's right, if you consider yourself an AV Connoisseur; maybe collect vintage bottles or go out of your way to order the European version, our latest, 2024 version of Sacré Bleu is gonna blow your mind! If your dad or grandpappy were fans of the long gone original, give 'em a whiff and they'll agree...it's absolutely spot on!

  Sacré Bleu is truly a must for each and every shave den! AVAILABLE 4 A LIMITED TIME! AVAILABLE 4 A LIMITED TIME

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"Try Something Different, Phoenix Shaving!"

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