Sinatra Lennon's video encouraging shavers to give another shot to razors we didn't like initially persuaded me to break out the AS D2. Convinced I couldn't get BBS with it, I let it sit unused for a few years and considered selling it but I'm glad I kept it. Geo Fatboy's video on it hipped me to the best angle. Now I get a BBS shave in three passes and it has become a prized tool in the rotation.

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The AS-D2 is great! I can get a bbs from it also and enjoy using it a lot as well.

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Chicago Suburbs
The key to getting a great shave with a mild razor is using a super sharp blade. Feather designed the AS-D2 to work with Feather blades.

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True, but I was glad to learn that the AS D2 works with every blade I throw at it!

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