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Today while using a urinal in the men's bathroom of a department store, I noticed that the guy next to me was texting - one handed - while peeing (!) Even without worrying about dropping the phone into the urinal, it still seemed to be a strange sort of multitasking. When I laughingly told my wife about it, she said, "I wonder if any of your shaving forum friends text while shaving..." So of course I have to ask.

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Nashville, TN
No texting while shaving for me. One handed texting in the bathroom seems like a great way to have to dig your phone out of the urinal.

Central Maine
I have no use for texting at any time. If someone doesn't need to talk to me then why bother me? I don't need the electronic leash. Call me with a meaningful interaction or don't contact me at all. Nor do I take calls when in the bathroom; some things are best done in private.
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Texting before and answering text after shaving is common. Beats the shaving soap all over the phone for an actual phone call.

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Never, John.  I turn off my cell phone just before dinner, charge it, and don't bother turning it back on until after I'm done in the bathroom, including shaving, the following morning.

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I'd prefer not to text or email during my shave, but I'd be lying if I said I've never done it. When it does happen, the razor definitely sits on the counter while I text/email. To me, it's not much different when my wife comes in and wants to talk while I shave. Primary difference being that I continue to shave while we talk. But overall, I really enjoy my alone-time to shave and it's rare I would answer a text/email or that my wife comes in to talk.

I did have to chuckle when I read the initial post as it reminds me of a minor pet-peeve of mine. I've always found it annoying/freaky/weird when I walk into the restroom at the office and someone is in the stall talking to someone on their cell. At some point, the person has to flush (hopefully) or worse yet, "bear down". The person on the other end is likely to hear that, only to realize what the other has been doing. If they are talking to family, maybe that's one thing. But I've heard guys in there who were obviously talking to business colleagues. If I'm the one on the other end of the line, I'd rather someone do their "business" before or after we do ours Smile

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I still have never owned a cell-phone, so texting isn't even an issue for me. Smile

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Taking photos of shaving gear is the only reason my cellphone comes in to the bathroom.

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