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Arizona, USA

Make A Splash This Summer w/ this Long, Lost Phoenix Classic, Tea Party 508!

Top Notes: Green Tea, White Tea, Lemon, Bergamot, Salt Water  Middle Notes: Spicy, Sweet, Floral, Earl Grey  Base Notes: Black Tea, Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Tobacco
Tea Party 508 was originally created exclusively for the attendees of the 2nd Annual New England Wet Shaver's Meet Up, held in Boston way back in 2015! Soon word got out though and we had to release "508" to the masses or possibly face a mutiny of some sort!
[Image: FZohKcF.jpg]

Eventually, like many others, it became lost in the mix of new releases and we had to discontinue it to make room. This saddened many, myself included, so imagine my surprise over the excited feedback of Tea Party 508 in last year's Advent Calendar! The world was ready!

First 50 Bundles Include Limited Edition, Collectible, Holographic Label!

So it seems it's all about the timing (every time), and once again maybe we were a little too soon the first time around? Whatever the case may be, the point is...Tea Party 508 is back and just in time for the 4th! Prepare to dazzle and wow more than a few noses!

If you are, like me, a Tea Head, (yes that’s a thing) then you are guaranteed to go flip'n overboard for this one! 5 different teas delicately balanced in a blast of salty water with a kiss of tobacco!

Seriously, you're going to fall in love with this revolutionary juice!


"Getting You In A Lather SInce 2012, Phoenix Shaving!'
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