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First take and lather

The badger knot is quite good about equal to Paladin or Varlet albeit not the best of the DGs nor Mozingos. 

The design, as with everything else Tatara is a marvel of simplicity yet elegance executed to proper engineering principles - the guys are brilliant engineers and masters of branding; there is no equal to them in the shaving business in this regard. 

The adjustable design allows super long lofting during the bowl lathering phase rendering brainlessly easy thick luxurious lather porn followed by dialing down the loft to get the absolute perfect degree of backbone for the face feel desired. 

After one shave, can state unequivocally that this is my favourite badger brush in an enviable collection. Can't wait to try the synthetic knot

Please PM me to sign up - all you guys should try this concept; it is game changing!

[Image: tSwqxH3.jpeg]

[Image: VFMzx9O.jpeg]

[Image: gmU2U4N.jpeg]

[Image: aqXzJlu.jpeg]

[Image: lIsOpAn.jpeg]

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Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
What do you know about the knot? I assumed it was a regular Semogue knot.

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