[Image: LyfT9JJ.jpg]Hello all.  In the midst of this global pandemic, I hope everyone is doing okay. 

As anyone who follows Maol Grooming knows, Sean has kindly asked me to make the matching soap for his new aftershave, “Tangerine”.  It has nothing in common with my brand, is a singular scent, and is nothing I’d ever do on my own.  These are all reasons I humbly agreed to push aside other plans and take on this project.  With the world changing before our eyes, it seems like a good time to embrace a project like this. 

I don’t have a cool back story for “Tangerine”.  There is no list of scent notes, it’s just tangerine.  And you know what?  It smells really awesome.

Due to some unforeseen issues I had in making the soap, there are some jars that, despite the same performance, are unsightly in the jar.  So there will be two options when purchasing, a standard 3oz jar for the usual $15 or a standard 3oz of “unsightly” soap for $10.  Again, the soap performs the same, but it firmed up in the pot before I could get it into jars.  This created an unsightly appearance and an opportunity to buy the soap for 1/3 off of the regular price.  This will be a one time opportunity, as I’ve been able to identify the issue, and will ensure it does NOT occur again.

So, with all of that said, Sean and I will be announcing release information as it becomes available. 

Thank you all for the continued support, and take care of each other.

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Hey everyone, I hope you are all hanging in there. If the last post about “Tangerine” by Maol Grooming has you thinking summer like it does me, the soap will be available Monday, April 13th at 10 AM Eastern Time from West Coast Shaving.

You can also purchase the aftershave splash from West Coast, or Top Of The Chain, Stone Field Shaving Company Ltd., or Karve Shaving Co.

This one will be slightly limited when compared to some of the recent releases. 125 soaps will be available, and an additional 30 “unsightly” soaps, which will be $10 and perform the same, but are uncharacteristic in appearance.

As usual, a dollar per jar sold will be donated to The Trust for Public Land to help them continue their efforts in nature conservation.

I’m very pleased with how this scent turned out, as simple as it is. I’d like to thank Sean for challenging me to step out of my routine and allowing me to take part in this with him. I hope you all enjoy it as I do!

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I like Pizza
The scent is brilliant, seriously smells “just like a tangerine!” And that’s it, just tangerine!

[Image: Pk7pxk1.jpg]

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I like Pizza
[Image: NR4xonj.jpg]

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(04-22-2020, 03:06 AM)ExtraProtein Wrote: [Image: NR4xonj.jpg]
ExtraProtein that is true artistry

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(04-22-2020, 09:52 PM)Shavemd Wrote:
(04-22-2020, 03:06 AM)ExtraProtein Wrote: [Image: NR4xonj.jpg]
ExtraProtein that is true artistry

Agreed, it’s a very cool shot, thank you for taking the time to set it up!

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I enjoy my Talbot soaps, but Maol Grooming aftershave is in my top tier of aftershaves (along with Chatillon Lux and Declaration Grooming). I look forward to trying the Maol Tangerine aftershave...

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