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Review for Sweet Comb

Disclaimer: I haven’t really gotten a chance to dial this soap in so my review should be read with that in mind.


The soap comes packed in a very nice tin with an excellent water proof label.  The tin measures around 2inches or so in diameter which is ok for a smaller brush such a Duke 2 or L'Occitane Plisson brush, but may pose a challenge for a larger brush such as a Chubby 2.

The soap itself is on the harder side in terms of consistency similar to Pre de Provence.  Hard like a crayon or candle; which make since since due to the beeswax content.  


So subjective.  Initially I get notes of lemon-citrus with a hint of floral sweetness in the background.  The scent is not particularly strong but maintains it’s light presence throughout the shave.

After about 40 minuets with the soap where I was trying different techniques to dial in the soap, however, I started to get reminded of commercial bathroom freshener; you know the one in airplane bathrooms…. While not wholly unpleasant, the reminder just lingers in my mind.

I guess I’m spoiled by Barrister and Mann….


I found that this soap needs to be bloomed for easier loading; without blooming it make take longer than normal if at all.  Be aware that quite a bit or proto-lather gets stuck on the sides of the tin under the curled ‘lip’ so be sure to stick your finger in there to grab that part.

If I was to characterize this soap in one word it would be: Flexible.

Once you figure out how to get a good load (in my case blooming the puck) in your brush, the soap becomes very malleable to what you throw at it.  If you want cushion, use a deep grooved bowl.  If you want thickness load a bit more.  If you want slickness, add more water.  Anything I wanted to do, I could do…. However it took a bit of trial in error to get there.

I think the sheer flexibility of the soap makes it a bit unfocused and renders it a jack of all trades but a master of none.  If you had a particular need in mind, you may be better served by another soap that excels at that.


The post shave feel is very good if not excellent.  I would put it behind Mystic Waters or Deluxe Shave and slightly behind Barrister and Mann’s original tallow formula.  But it’s definitely a soap that doesn’t  NEED an aftershave behind it.

Final Thoughts:

While the asking price is a bit on the high side, I feel that it’s fair considering the rate of usage with the soap.  

I don’t think this soap is something that will be staple in most people’s den; but if you’re curious and have the budget I think it would be a nice addition to an already well stock den and would make a good ‘travel’ soap due to the durable tin and flexible nature.

Get the Beard Conditioner!

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Excellent review GloryUprising. Thanks for your time to do this, it helped me make my mine up. I will bee (sorry couldn't resist it) order one in. Cheers

Nice review. But I don't think I'll be purchasing based on your scent description alone! Haha
- Jeff
(03-13-2016, 02:04 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: Nice review. But I don't think I'll be purchasing based on your scent description alone! Haha

Don't get me wrong, It's a good soap. Just not a 'must have'.

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