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Finally, By Much Demand, A Supreme Sandalwood Science Deodorant Stick (and Solid Cologne)!!! That's right folks, we also released an SSS Solid Cologne too!
This Will Not Only Be Your Favorite Sandalwood, But Also Your Favorite Deodorant!

Scent Profile: A blend of Indian, Australian & Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood. Robust, aromatic, extremely rich, semi-sweet, full bodied, creamy, warm & woody.

"She blinded me with science! Seriously, though. This SSS is incredibly rich and creamy with a depth of character I haven’t experienced before out of a pure sandalwood scent." 
~ David Rose, Customer

[i]This my friends is something for all the sandalwood fans out there, it is also something for folks unfamiliar sandalwood, a great place to start and a great place to end, if you will...[i]Enjoy![/i][/i]

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