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This Schick is in superb shape, virtually NOS. Triangular, integral spring, blade adjustment knob. Square black fine ribbed handle, with metal name insert. Bar guard with parallel grooves. Shiny all around, no damage to plating. Adjusts exactly as expected. This is a rare M1 model with the indicator triangle rather than a dot as in the more common M2/M3 models. A great vintage item that shaves like a dream. Sterilized/Barbicide and shave ready. The original black plastic clamshell case with clear lid is also in great shape, no cracks or repair. There are tiny, barely visible scratches on the plastic lid from age and storage. A vintage PAL blade loader (with some unused blades) is also included. PRICE REDUCED - Asking $35/OBO + $5 shipping, CONUS, PayPal.

[Image: 3PQ5MC3.jpg][Image: JNSfoBK.jpg][Image: TaJFv6p.jpg][Image: 7Wcx7oo.jpg][Image: 0duyFN0.jpg]

Vintage Shaver
Seattle, WA
That's a great looking razor. I tried single edge razors for awhile and decided they just weren't for me, but the Schick Adjustable was perhaps my favorite of them. I don't follow prices at all, but yours seems quite reasonable.

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Chazz Reinhold HOF
A very nice piece, GLWTS!
Thank you, gentlemen, for your kind words. Yours, Alex.

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