I've been eyeing a few of the Stubble Trubble soaps (Yard Work, Summer Passion, Rhymes with Orange) and was hoping to get some feedback of the usual stuff performance, scent strength, maybe another soap that it would compare to in terms of overall quality, etc. Thanks for any input!
I have many of Adam's soaps. The performance is great. They are firmer soaps, but easy to load. The slickness is there. I would not say it is B&M glissant slick, but is up with many of the top artisans. There is a residual slickness. Enough for a few touch up strokes.

The scents are just the right amount of complex. The scent is there off the puck and sticks around during lather, but not so strong to over power one's nose. My favorite is rhymes with orange and Up and Adam. I really want to drink this coffee soap.

The face feel is great. One of the better ones of those without lanolin. I never feel like I need a balm afterwords.

Adam is great guy. He is very enthusiastic and is really building up his brand. I am glad I was able to meet him at Shave by Shave West. These soaps are definitely worth the money, and will help you get a great shave!
I've been interested in this brand as well. Good to hear it performs nicely

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Yard work sounds great...

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