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Just acquired this metal box Streamline set:[Image: 20150723_001348.jpg]
[Image: 20150723_105311.jpg]
It's got a red lining rather than the purple I've seen in similar sets.

So how does the metal box set fit into the timeline with the white clamshell sets? Were they sold at different times or at different price points?
This is probably the razor Flash Gordon used (and Ming The Merciless used a New Improved)...

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I can't tell you about the razor but I love your last sentence. Big Grin

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I think those razors are pretty nice and I'd love to eventually get one. the price has kept me on the sideline for now though.
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Me too Andrew. Also I've heard that they aren't as aggressive as I'd probably like, and I'm a user and not a collector.
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Turns out mine is the '50s version of the Streamline with smaller holes in the head and a perforated guard.
Apparently this is also 10g heavier than the '30s model, and although allegedly less aggressive, an adjustment in my technique has given a very efficient shave.
[Image: 20150723_230934.jpg]
[Image: 20150723_230911.jpg]
Haven't seen another one with a red lined case anywhere else yet...

...and when I borrowed a Streamline from my good shaving friend Paul (pjgh) a while back, I really didn't like it - I found it ungainly and too mild.
BUT this time round and with an adjustment of technique, I really like it. As with the ER 1924, this works better for me with a steeper angle at which it is very efficient and with a nice sense of blade feel. Certainly more aggressive than the British ER 1912.
And the significant extra heft requires a radical change to using an assertive technique rather than the responsive touch which is appropriate for most of the other SEs.
I originally acquired this set with the sole intention of selling it on, but I'm enjoying it so much now that I'm wondering if I should keep it...

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