Arizona, USA
[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]http://shor.by/X4sG [Please Share!][/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Sometime lightening does strike twice in the same location...[/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Scent Profile: Bergamot, Sage, Lavender, White Musk, Clary Sage, Copiaba Balsam. A Refreshing zing of camphorous lavender, Musk & Herbaceous Spice![/font]
Strange Island, Part 2 of the AGHARTA Trilogy Returns, for the season! That's right folks, this legendary & Lost Classic is Back...[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]for a spell.[/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,]Try Something Different ~ Phoenix Shaving[/font]

[font=system-ui, -apple-system, system-ui,][Image: ivyC5fM.jpg][/font]

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“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.” ~ Carl Sagan

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