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Scent Profile: Bergamot, Sage, Lavender, White Musk, Clary Sage, Copiaba Balsam. A Refreshing zing of camphorous lavender, Musk & Herbaceous Spice!

First 50 CK-6 Bundles Include EPIC & Collectible Limited Edition Holographic Soap Label!

[Image: lyg6O6M.jpg]

Holy Cow, StrangeIsland is Back!!! Due to countless emails & PMs this had to happen...and so it did. Aside from rereleasing this classic as a seasonal scent, we also grew the collection!

If StrangeIsland isn't on your radar it's not your fault, you see, StrangeIsland was originally part of our Cult Classic, the AGHARTA Trilogy. The trilogy consists of High Jump 47, StrangeIsland & of course AGHARTA! Each different scent in the series complimented the other. For example, if you wanted to use AGHARTA Shave Soap & Pair it with High Jump 47 or StrangeIsland you could or maybe pair all 3; High Jump 47 Shave Soap with StrangeIsland Solid Cologne & AGHARTA EDP...the combinations were/are endless.

StrangeIsland Collection: Artisan Shave Soap Original CK Formula & in our Ultra Premium CK-6 Formula, Aftershave/Cologne, Eau De Parfum, Menthol Free Star Jelly & Mentholated Aftershave, Body Soap, Shampoo Puck, Solid Cologne, Vent Scent, Beard Balm and Beard Oil!

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