If you go to straightrazordesigns this message about the forum is posted: The original, straightrazorplace.com forum is under construction for improvements and will be back and improved coming soon. Here is the link: https://straightrazordesigns.com/pages/s...razorplace. This means that forum will be back with the straightrazorplace name? And the forum now named sharprazorpalace is the forum that is said to be hijacked?
I believe there were differing views amongst the owners and they decided to go separate ways.
I have been part of the original site and for quite some time and the site, SharpRazorPalace, is still the same site, excluding the new name, from everything I can tell.
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Does Lynn Abrams still control the Straight Razor Place site on Facebook? If so, anyone wanting to know the details can always ask him there.

IMHO, it is just another melodramatic wetshaving hissy fit, something best ignored and the places involved best avoided. We have Damn Fine Shave, so Straight Razor Place / Sharp Razor Palace is unnecessary.

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