I started my collection few month ago.
Currently I have dovo, Boker , thiers issard,
Friodur and Japanese I can’t understand the brand.
What else will u say I should definitely add to my collection?

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Damascus - have a matched pair of the Bokers in a presentation case- wonderful although hardly use them.
Just an old slow fat man

I have several vintage Le Grelot blades and love every one of them. You can do much worse than a half hollow vintage. Good luck!!
I'm out of the loop now, but 10 years ago the hot ones were dubl duck, particularly the 'Wonderedge', and Goldedge. Filarmonica, Wade & Butcher 'For Barber's Use' in 8/8 or larger. Dovo with the Fritz Bracht mark, vintage Boker, C.W. Heljestrand, particularly with ivory scales. There are others, but that is all I can think of off the top of my head. 

Customs by Robert Williams, Mastro Livi, Tim Zowada, Joe Chandler, Snail Forge ... others. 

If you think you can go broke collecting DEs .... straights are even more so  Smile

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All you need is one or two solid straights.

BUT...if you are starting a collection, you absolutely must have a Wacker 7/8, and a Wade and Butcher “The Celebrated” FOR BARBERS USE 8/8+!


Definitely need a kamisori. or 2. or 3. probably

[Image: j7yn9hp.jpg]

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Find a good honemesiter and get those really sharp then use them for a while. Once you know what characteristics you like in a razor (grind, size, weight, w/wo stabilizers ) you will know what route to follow.
you need a Spaniard...FILARMONICA NOVODUR 14P 8/8 Jose Monserrat Pou

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A full hollow, half hollow, quarter hollow and near wedge.

Whatever brand, makers, size, metal, shape, etc, etc doesn't matter just buy what you like.
On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.
1st Generation Filarmonica 14!

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