Which do you prefer?

Quarter hollow
Half hollow
Full hollow

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Knoxville, TN
Half hollow to singing on your scale, and in between.

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I like all grinds, but I like the full hollow to singing blades best.

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- Yohann
Gonna have to give the straight a try one day. I’ve never used one before.

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Quarter hollow most of the time just be cause I like the feel of the rigid blade. But I do sometimes like the forgiving nature of a full or even extra hollow now and then.
I enjoy them all
I switch between a wedge and a full hollow. I've never tried a "singing" razor, but I'm interested. Gonna have to start poking around a few BST's and see what I can find.

I prefer quarter to half hollow. The heft of the razor does the work, so you are not worried about applying pressure and cutting yourself...

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