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Inside my shaving bag there's that little,cheap DE razor pouch,
made from genuine leather ...

[Image: 17795-A26-96-AA-4142-86-E7-AA18-FEC3-B652.jpg]
Inside the little,cheap DE razor pouch,
there's a small sachet of desiccant and 
a  folding SD card holder ,that can hold six
 (6) blades  .

[Image: B9870-A4-B-215-F-4-AFB-8-A16-CCF03-D944-C77.jpg]

Few pieces of LEGO work as a manual 
"blade usage" counter ...
[Image: A0-F95-EEA-DDE9-4013-AAD9-CFC93-DD9-B203.jpg]
[Image: 23-D3-D300-5-B80-4-FE6-A836-57-B82-D98160-C.jpg]
[Image: 8-A595-DDF-3171-41-E8-917-C-46-D27-F5-F11-E4.jpg]

Happy holiday shavings !

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I Need New Conspiracy Theories 
Because All Old Ones Came True

Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Cool idea with the LEGO

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