Assuming we all know what Stirling soaps are made of and consistency, etc. price, and so on, I lathered my Stirling brush with the brand new puck of Spice and the lather flew on to the bristles. Added some water to get the consistency right. All the while the fragrance was taking me down Memory Lane. The scent of vintage Old Spice was strong and wonderful.

Using a DE for a change, I had my ATT M1 loaded with a fresh Astra green (yesterday's shave with the same razor and a Feather left me looking like Carrie at the prom. Seems like I can now shave fine with a Feather AC but my DE skill has receded). Went for two passes with touch ups and the lather was slick and protective, as you'd expect from Stirling. Post face feel: excellent. Clean but not tight or greasy.

I hit it with some Lucky Tiger splash, which felt nice and politely evaporated quickly, leaving me free to close with Stirling Spice Splash. Man, I am back in 1965 watching uncle Duke shave and then bust out the Old Spice in the white glass bottle. 

The soap is a ten all the way around.
This is one that I have not tried yet. Thanks for review. Adding it to my shopping cart now.

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