So used for the first time today some of Stirling's post-shave balm. This was his sandalwood scent.

Only a little was needed. It was perhaps a couple dimes in size. The 4oz bottle I ordered should last a long time this at this rate of consumption. This makes this a very affordable solution.

The balm was definitely well scented and has lasted a few hours at least. Not as strong as an aftershave or cologne, but I only want the scent for short period anyway. The sandalwood scent was clean and woody. I also got the bay rum and the Autumn scent. Both are about the same in scent strength. The bay rum was more on the clove side. Which works for me.

The balm is not too thick and absorbed readily into the skin. It left my face feeling smooth and not greasy. I could also definitely tell the witch hazel was in there in a good way.

I have recently decided I am not a aftershave guy, but the balms work well for me. So these are going to stay in my den. (yet more to order from Stirling)

Hope this is helpful, and would enjoy hearing other's experiences with these balms.


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Austin, TX
Solid review and thanks- I am not a consistent user of shave balm and as a consequence only have two.

I like the ones I have (Soap Commander) as they absorb quickly and also don't leave a greasy feeling which I very much dislike.

Sounds like Stirling are a good alternative. I like their soaps and will have to pick up a balm to try as well!

Thanks again Monte.
I love their aftershave balms.

Their Ozark Mountain balm is awesome. Smell was noticeable yet subtle enough that it wasn't too overpowering.

Last at least past your workday. I can still subtlety smell it it even 14 hours I put it on.

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Stirling's Barbershop balm, is part of my regular rotation. It is a great balm.

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