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Philadelphia, PA
I recently picked up stirling's (ezlovan) new liquid body soap in their executive man scent with a recent order...I used it for the first time last night and I must say, so far, so good! the scent, to my nose, is slightly different in their liquid body soap than it is in their aftershave balm and shaving soap - I guess it's mostly due to the other oils and ingredients in the liquid soap.

I've been using body wash for years, usually walmart's knock off brand, though it tends to dry me out too much in the winter so lately I switched over to ivory's original liquid body wash for the past few months. I haven't used it in the fall/winter yet, but I did want to try Rod's new creation and help support a shop in the community. I'll likely stick with stirling's stuff and stop buying body wash from walmart once the last of my bottle of ivory runs out.

I dig their bottles and mostly I like that I don't need to spend 2 minutes squeezing out my loofah at the end of my shower to try to get all of the soap out of it; it almost feels like I'm wasting product when I do that...

[Image: CKB1oWU.jpg]

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Thank you very much for trying it out. I'm really do appreciate it. I'm hoping to have more scents right after Christmas.

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Thousand Oaks, CA
I've been using Ozark body wash this last week. I'm so happy with it. I typically blow through a bar of Stirling in a week and a half and my habit was getting expensive. Thankful Rod and Mandy made some body wash!

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Thats one big jug o soap!  Don't drop that on your foot!!  It would be like dropping a brick of Duke Cannon's big ass soap on your foot  - trip to the ER.

I don't do the liquid body wash but do enjoy Stirling bar soaps.   Happy2

To be honest, I don't want my soap to last too long because I like a variety of scents.  I get bored after a couple of weeks.  That jug looks like a six month supply.  I suppose I could rotate 3 or 4 jugs.

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Philadelphia, PA
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finished up my bottle of ivory body wash on Friday night and have been using Stirling's body wash since..I'll check back in after some more daily usage...

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Looking forward to trying the body wash — USPS cannot come quickly enough!

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