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If you guys think that the Black Ice soap is cold, it is indeed. However, trust me - this one is TEN TIMES colder!

Ease of lathering: 9/10--Very easy to lather up.The formula is so much better now.

Longevity of lather: 9/10--Excellent stability. No more does the lather thin out or collapse.

General skincare: 10/10--Extremely, extremely frigid menthol sensation with perfect moisturizing and soothing.

Scent: 9/10--Based on the Black Ice scent which is anise. This one is much stronger. I LOVE it!

Price: 10/10--Awesome value - such reasonable prices!

Would I buy again: 10/10--In the blink of an eye or quicker!

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Good review. I haven't tried that one but I know it would be too much menthol for me. Margaritas in the Arctic is just right on the menthol for my preference. I'll be placing another Stirling order this weekend.
The Glacial Obsidian like all the Glacials are menthol atom bombs which are right up there with the Cryogen soap. For me the menthol level is perfect, but most other guys I know would find the sensation unbearable.

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