I love TOBS Royal Forest shaving cream.  I have never tried Creed Aventus Cologne or Stirling Executive Man.

Stirling sent me an Executive Man shampoo bar sample.  I used it for a week and was going crazy trying to figure out where I had smelled something similar.  I was in a fragrance version of the Twilight Zone every time I took a shower.  I have over 50 creams and soaps, and my memory is not what it used to be (and neither are my nostril senses).
I opened up my TOBS Royal Forest shaving cream for a shave, and lightbulbs started flashing.  It was the mystery scent from my recent showers!  The Stirling Executive Man shampoo bar was nearly identical to the TOBS Royal Forest shaving cream, except the Stirling Executive Man shampoo bar was like the TOBS Royal Forest on steroids.  The TOBS version is a much toned down and milder version, and the Stirling version is extremely strong.  The scent notes are nearly identical between the two (to my nose).

The Stirling description of Executive Man says it is an "ode to Creed Aventus".  I have never smelled Creed Aventus, so I would not know about that comparison.

Question:  Has anyone else noted the similarity between Stirling Executive Man and TOBS Royal Forest, or am I smoking opium on that one?  Please help me clear this up!
Royal Forest is Aventus inspired, so there's no surprise here.
I have had Aventus in the past and have Stirling Executive Man set. Executive Man is a very weak scent but resembles Aventus. I liked Fine Platinum more.

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