I received this in the mail today, and so I decided to shave tonight.  I found the initial blast of fragrance to be offensive.

However, I took another smell, and it immediately took me back to the Hale Koa...and everyone In Waikiki knows...the Hale Koa makes the most wicked Mai Tais on the beach!!!  They NAILED it, and I ended up loving the fragrance, and that Stirling performance!

It also matched very well with the Stirling Iced Pinapple Aftershave!

Superb Shave after a day of hard work!



[Image: JmRQt6j.jpg][Image: lxYopwM.jpg][Image: c0hI9jS.jpg][Image: 1PQRh44.jpg]

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One of the finest lathers I have ever made, and just an impeccable overall shave!  A true joy!



[Image: u5oYvo5.jpg][Image: qYwOdhW.jpg][Image: xrfIZ8t.jpg][Image: xnCYtHu.jpg][Image: XDYCEsJ.jpg]

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
GREAT soap base always with Stirling but the scent was just a big no go for me. Passed it on to the wife to use. Nice pics !!

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Thanks Dave...yes...if you don’t like what a Mai Tai smells like...you certainly would not care for this soap.

I love remembering some fun I had in Hawaii, so this certainly does it for me.



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I didn't care for the scent on this one either unfortunately.

Media, PA
I did not like the scent initially, but after a few tries, it grew on me.  Like it now.  Strange how that is, I had similar experience with other soaps too.

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