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I probably should have asked this prior to ordering a bunch of this, but what's the staying power of his aftershaves? Thanks!!

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Bishop, CA
Decent. Not as long lasting as my PAA Cavendish or Brut Classique, but longer than my Captains Choice, Country Club, Old Spice, and Aqua Velva...

Stirling is one of my favorite splashes. Excellent finish and toning and great scents.

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Ferndale, MI
I'd give Stirling splashes a medium in terms of longevity. The scent is not fleeting, but it's not going to last 6+ hours either. I guess it all really varies depending on the user and the particular scent. Everyone raves about PAA's longevity, but I found it depends on the scent. Recently, I sampled 23 of their aftershaves and only a handful of them lasted all day on me. YMMV...
- Jeff
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Thanks BadDad wyze0ne

Anyone else care to weigh in as well? Totally agree on your point of PAA... some of that stuff last 12 hours others I too have found fleeting.... probably a component of scent more than anything else as well as body chemistry. Beaver woodright on the other hand, at least on me last all day regardless of scent as does Dr. Jons
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Based on a handful of samples from Stirling, I would also say that scent longevity depends entirely on the particular scent. I’ve had one or two Stirlings where I can detect the scent up to six hours later, and others where I really love the scent and wish it would last longer than the 30 minutes it does.

However, when I read reviews for aftershaves in general, one person may say a certain aftershave is an all-day scent, while the next person says that the very same aftershave fades quickly. So it seems to depend a lot on the person, just like everything else in wet shaving.

I’ve only found very few aftershaves that have the staying power I would hope for, but then again, a lot of aftershaves seemed to be designed for other purposes, and the scent is just sort of a “bonus”.
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West Virginia
I find that Stirling splashes last a good 4-6 hours on me.Arkadia and Executive Man hang on the longest out of the 4 I have owned(Mntn Man and Sharp Dressed Man being the other 2)One thing to consider is the persons skin type,if you have really dry skin the scent oil will be absorbed into your skin quicker than someone with normal skin.A good balm or body lotion(allow time for skin absorb the lotion to hydrate)followed by your splash,EDT or EDP will let the scent hang around much longer.At least that is my routine,and it works well for me.
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Philadelphia, PA
I agree with what others have said about the staying power. stirling makes one of my favorite balms..it keeps my face soft and supple all day long.
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Executive Man and Ozark Mountain have good longevity, probably about 4 to 5 hours. The only other splash I have from Stirling is Gentleman and that one is the strongest by far, easily lasting all evening and I can still smell it in the morning.

As others have said, it depends on the person and the scent, but some of them hang on a long, long time:

Sharp Dressed Man
Ozark Mountain
Hot Apple Cider

All of those (off the top of my head) have a pretty good lifespan. The citrusy scents obviously die off pretty quickly, but I think that's the nature of the beast with them.

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Add Stirling Gentleman to the all day list

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